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What is a filling?

A filling repairs and restores the surface of a tooth damaged by decay, a fracture, or just simple wear and tear. A dental filling strengthens the tooth. ignoring tooth decay will cause a tooths weak status to worsen.


When your dentist gives you a filling, simple, expected dental care your fillimg should last 5-12 years.


When your tooth is crying for attention:

Are you feeling a sensitivity in your teeth? Are there signs of enamel loss? This can be due to tooth decay? Dr. Nancy Khalaf will be able to diagnose the  underlying cause of thepainful sensation. If your tooth is damaged you should consider seeing a dentist immediately to relieve the discomfort before it worsens.


The doctors process:

First step, Dr. Khalaf has given you an exam and taken Xrays of your teeth, gums and supporting bone structure. She will then discuss the appropriate treatment options and answer any concerns you may have.


Teeth Fillings‎ Safe & Effective. Call Now:

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